Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pasta with Pesto

Now that I have freshly made pesto, I need to use it up!  My first idea was pasta with pesto - not very creative, but definitely tasty.  You can use whatever pasta you like, but I love gemelli pasta.  The twists are perfect for the sauce to cling to.  I used a new herb mixture I just bought - Everyday Seasoning from Trader Joe's.  I think it added the perfect flavor.  The amount of ingredients I used was perfect for one serving.

Recipe: Pasta with Pesto
2.5 oz pasta
2 tbsp pasta, homemade or storebought
freshly grated parmesan
freshly ground Everyday Seasoning (from TJ's)

Bring salted water to a boil.  Cook pasta until al dente.  Drain the pasta and toss with the pesto, adding a little of the pasta water if necessary.  Grate some parmesan and grind some spices on top, and enjoy!

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