Friday, March 12, 2010

Eating and Drinking My Way Through Cville

So I already said how it was my birthday last weekend, and my parents came in.  What I didn't say was quite how much eating and drinking was done.  Here are just a few places I went to, and what I ordered (everything was fantastic).

Edamame Ravioli - really really good!  It was just as tasty as I was hoping it would be.
Pollock's Pear - really sweet, probably not as high in alcohol as some of the other drinks.  But tastes great.

Bluelight Grill
Candied Apple Cocktail - it actually tastes just like it sounds it will.  It was really good.

The Local
I heard about this place from a friend - it uses all local and organic food.  I was expecting the prices to be a little higher because of this, but they were surprisingly reasonable.  I got the black truffle mac n cheese and can I just say - omg.  Ridiculously good.  My mom got the tuna and was served a crazy large portion.  Same with my dad and his short ribs.  I'm pretty sure that all of the entrees were well under $20.  And for drinks - my mom got the HoneyBee, which she said was really good.  I got the Black Coconut - also very good.

I love the drinks here, even if they are a little gimmicky.  My parents and I got the jalapeno and the habanero margaritas.  We all like spicy!  And then we got the smores dessert, which is one of the most rich and delicious things I've had in a while.  Imagine a really sticky and almost caramel-y chocolate fondue, with toasted marshmallows to dip in, and bars of chocolate with a graham center.  So delicious!

The Biltmore
Sunday afternoon we decided we wanted to go out for brunch/lunch, and ended up at the Biltmore.  I love how that whole street feels like you're in a beach town.  The food was pretty good, not amazing, but we had some issues about what we were actually allowed to order.  It said brunch was served until 2, we came in at 10 of 2, and we were given the full menu.  However, whenever I tried to order anything off the regular menu, I was told that they were only serving brunch because they couldn't do both on the same grill.  After some pleading, and mentioning that I was vegetarian and it would be difficult to get just the brunch items, they changed the grill plate for me!  I got the grilled veggie focaccia - pretty good, but the focaccia was kind of greasy.

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