Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something is Missing...

Have you ever started to make something, gotten excited about it, and then realize you're missing some of the ingredients?  How about the MAIN ingredient?

Now that all of my exams are over (at least for the next few weeks), I can finally start cooking some good food again.  I was really excited to make Tyler's Ultimate Granola, which is my all-time favorite granola.  Usually, I need to check how many almonds I have first.  But this time, I went to get out my oats and realized I had maybe a cup and a half!  For a recipe that calls for 4 cups!  Definitely not going to cut it.  Of course I am too lazy right now to actually make the simple errand to get some oats.

When I go to the store, I've come to realize that it's better when I have a plan.  Otherwise I go up and down every aisle, and buy stuff that I don't actually need.  If I have recipes in mind, then I'll just buy ingredients for that - spending less money and time!

So now I have to decide what my baking plan is going to be for the weekend.  I know that I want to make my granola.  But what else?  Maybe finally try to bake gnocchi for the first time?  I bought a food mill at least a month ago, with the intention of making gnocchi, and that still hasn't happened yet.  I think I want to try making hummus - if I can find tahini!  Oh and of course I can't forget about hamantaschen!  I went to Chabad (Jewish organization on most college campuses) on Monday, and really didn't love the cookies we made there.  I had the idea that rugelach dough, instead of sugar cookie dough, might work well.  And after looking for a bit, I actually found a recipe on Epicurious that has a dough very similar to rugelach.  And the date orange filling they suggest sounds amazing.

Clearly I have a lot of things to make, so I should probably turn off my America's Next Top Model marathon and get on that!

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