Friday, April 8, 2011

Resolutions - Update

I am re-posting this list of things I want to bake/cook, as a reminder to myself.  You might notice that not much progress has been made.  I'm hoping I can start working on the list in the next few months.  I'm hoping I can make macarons sometime soon - one of my good friends actually has a gorgeous macaron cookbook, and I think I got her excited about making them!

* Souffle (savory and sweet)
* Pate a choux pastry
* Profiteroles with above pastry
* Croissants
* Pound cake
* Cake with fondant
* Stuffed mushrooms/peppers/tomatoes
* Cheese fondue
* Shortbread
* Latkes
* Burger buns
* Soft pretzels
* Salsa
* Macarons
* Macaroons (no I did not list the same thing twice)
* An interesting unconventional ice cream flavor
* Yogurt cake
* Profiteroles
* Candy (some kind of old fashioned caramel)
* Pot de creme 
* Artichokes
* Tiramisu (or other type of trifle)
* Baked pancake
* Babka
* Baklava
* Brioche
* Creme Brulee (I have the torch, just need some propane for it!)
* Jelly Roll
* Panettone 
* Old fashioned popcorn (the kind that doesn't come from a bag in the microwave)
* Whoopie pies
* Cauliflower (I know - it's crazy I've never cooked with it!)
* Panna Cotta (I had some for dessert on New Years and it was AMAZING)
* More artisan bread
* Parmesan cheese crisps
* Polenta croutons
* Ice cream sandwiches
* Sesame noodles
* Tortellini
* Calzones
* French onion soup
* Split pea soup
* Lattice top pie
* Eggnog
* Custard Pie
* Dinner rolls
* Flavored pasta (I have tried once and it was extremely unsuccessful)
* Poached pears
* Baked and stuffed apples
* Caramel sauce
* Pecan pie (without the use of corn syrup)
* Shortbread cookies
* Veggie burgers
* Poptarts
* Bundt cake
* Naan
* Pad Thai
* Gougeres
* Crabcakes
* Coconut cake
* Angel food cake
* Savory cheesecake


j. said...

Lol... I like the sudden explosion of posts...I wonder why... :p

Just a little recommendation, if you have a lot of posts you can always "pretend" to be active daily for a long time if you just set the publishing day when you want your posts to publish (even if you write them all in one day).

Shaheen said...

I admire your list and hope you have crossed off a lot more.

Mario said...

Is this a resolution list like for as in a New Years resolution lust? We're still 17 days from 2012! You are so organized. I'm envious. Great post. And I like the name of your blog. Very cool.
I am visiting. I like to read other food blogs. I write a blog about food and my musings on life. Please visit. Maybe follow if you'd like. Happy holidays!