Friday, January 7, 2011


So let's forget about the fact that I haven't posted A THING in almost 3 months.
It's a new year, a new start, so I can be forgiven, right?
Since it's the new year, that means I can make some resolutions.  And no, not resolutions to actually stick to a diet and get back to the weight I was a year ago.  Because then when I fall off that diet, it would just be a failed resolution and that's so disappointing.
But I am going to make some cooking resolutions.  Things I want to bake/cook in the next year.  I don't have to do all of them, but I would love to try!
What are your resolutions?

(In no particular order)
* Souffle (savory and sweet)
* Pate a choux pastry
* Profiteroles with above pastry
* Croissants
* Pound cake
* Cake with fondant
* Stuffed mushrooms/peppers/tomatoes
* Cheese fondue
* Shortbread
* Latkes
* Burger buns
* Soft pretzels
* Salsa
* Macarons
* Macaroons (no I did not list the same thing twice)
* An interesting unconventional ice cream flavor
* Yogurt cake
* Profiteroles
* Candy (some kind of old fashioned caramel)
* Pot de creme (made one the other day so crossed off the list!)
* Artichokes
* Tiramisu (or other type of trifle)
* Baked pancake
* Babka
* Baklava
* Brioche
* Creme Brulee (I have the torch, just need some propane for it!)
* Jelly Roll
* Panettone (also just made this!)
* Old fashioned popcorn (the kind that doesn't come from a bag in the microwave)
* Whoopie pies
* Cauliflower (I know - it's crazy I've never cooked with it!)
* Panna Cotta (I had some for dessert on New Years and it was AMAZING)
* More artisan bread
* Parmesan cheese crisps
* Polenta croutons
* Ice cream sandwiches
* Sesame noodles
* Tortellini
* Calzones
* French onion soup
* Split pea soup
* Lattice top pie
* Eggnog
* Custard Pie
* Dinner rolls
* Flavored pasta (I have tried once and it was extremely unsuccessful)
* Poached pears
* Baked and stuffed apples
* Caramel sauce
* Pecan pie (without the use of corn syrup)
* Shortbread cookies
* Veggie burgers
* Poptarts
* Bundt cake
* Naan
* Pad Thai
* Gougeres
* Crabcakes
* Coconut cake
* Angel food cake
* Savory cheesecake

And after all of that food talk, I would like to run in a few 5ks this year.  But I think that can wait until the weather warms up...

Oh and can I just say that I had this post open for several days, so I could keep on adding things I want to try!  I eventually decided that I could probably keep adding things forever, so I should probably just post already!


Mary said...

Happy New Year, Jen! We missed you!
I learn so much from you & look forward to your new recipes & adventures.
Yum! Your list is very impressive... I do believe you will put a good dent in it before the year is through.
My Memere always spoiled us with whoopie pies. I need to make some soon. Thanks for all your great ideas and inspiration!

katidyd said...

Wow! I'm sure you can do them all! I just made naan today and it was my first time working with yeast. It was totally worth it! We used to get the stuff you can buy in the stores (not great and not comparable to restaurant stuff) and now we never will again. And creme brulee couldn't be easier. Also well worth it! Can't wait to see your posts for this year!

Jen said...

Thanks for the comments! I was very happy (and surprised) to see that people were still reading after such a long absence!
* Mary - happy new year! so good to hear from you. I think I want to make a pumpkin whoopie pie :)
* Katidyd - congrats on working with yeast! It really isn't as scary as it seems. I can't wait to make naan. I always keep the frozen stuff stocked, so I can imagine the homemade version is amazing.