Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I can't stop bageling

I'm making bagels, yet again!
My lab has lab meetings every Wednesday morning, and for a bunch of reasons, we haven't had one the past three weeks.  We're finally having one tomorrow, and even though it isn't my turn to present, I wanted to bring in food.  So what would be better to bring than bagels and cream cheese?!  I decided I'm going to make 1.5x the bagel recipe I've been using, and mix up some flavored cream cheese.

I'm going to try to make a variety of toppings, like I did last time, but I might have to try something different with the cinnamon sugar ones.  They tasted great, but the topping didn't hold up well - it cracked and mostly fell off.  I might try to incorporate some cinnamon sugar inside of the bagel rather than just on top, and maybe only sprinkle the cinnamon on top?  I also might use something like an egg wash to help adhere the toppings, but I'm afraid to do anything to mess with the recipe too much.  I'll probably make some cinnamon sugar, some sesame, some everything, and a bunch plain.

And then for flavored cream cheese - I will make some honey walnut raisin, some sundried tomato and herb, and keep some plain.

I'm pretty sure this will be the most gourmet lab meeting we've had!

Okay - so I made the bagels!  And it seems like everyone in lab loved them.  I made 18 and they were all gone within a few hours.  I decided against using an egg wash for the toppings, and just did it the same way as last time.  The cream cheeses were delicious, I especially liked the sundried tomato one.  I adapted the recipes here.  I have to say that I'm a big fan of the plain bagels.  I think they cook a little better, and they work well with anything you put on them.  This may be my new sandwich of the summer - putting good stuff on bagels!  I froze most of my last batch from a few days ago.  And they have been delicious so far with sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil.


j. said...

Bagels are always good! I don't know if this will help your cinnamon/sugar issue, but maybe you can brush on melted butter at the end or after the baking phase and sprinkle it on then?

Jen said...

I actually tried that the last time I made bagels and it worked! I didn't get quite as much cinnamon sugar on, but that might mean I just didn't get enough butter on them. Thanks for the great suggestion!